Barony of Südlichmark

Southern_Wissenland.pngThe Barony of Südlichmark covers areas in the Upper Söll valley and the western Plains of Melk.

The land becomes more rugged as one travels towards the west and the Grey Mountains. Small woods of oak become more frequent in the hills. The area is still remarkably cleared of Goblins and bandits, through rustlers are a problem.

Unlike much of Wissenland, the Barony of Südlichmark is very woody and hilly. The land is one of the remotest in the Empire, nestled in the Upper Söll valley where the Grey and Black Mountains merge into the majestic Vaults, the tallest peaks outside the Worlds Edge Mountains. The various trade routes leading into the barony from outside the Empire brings both profitable trade as well as dangers, whether bandits or Goblins (sometimes Orcs). Goblins of the Wolf- Ears and Snaggle-Tooth tribes are known to reside in the nearby foothills with Orcs of what remains of the Blood-Axe alliance another threat. The greenskins are too numerous and the mountain valleys too many for the Dwarfs to effectively eradicate.

The Barony includes the settlements of Monheim, Serrig, Brenzwald, Camfurt, Daiting, Wundt’s Wood, Ghostwood, Königsberg, Weilerberg and Kreutzhofen.

Although Count Bruno Pfeifraucher remains the nominal ruler of his holdings, more of the day-to-day governance has been turned over to his grand-daughter and designated heir, Baroness Etelka Pfeifraucher. The Baroness’ activities in the Barony of Südlichmark to the far south have earned her the affectionate title of “Countess Etelka.”

Neighbours of note are the Barony of Mackensen to the North-East, the Barony of Heisenberg to the East, Border Princes to the South, Tilea to the South-West and Bretonnia to the West. To the North is the Ell Valley, a remote pastoral land isolated from the rest of the Empire.

Barony of Südlichmark

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