2 Weddings and a play

Scene 1: The Brothel

New Spy-mission for the Crown: Foil Bretonnian sabotage or assassination and catch the traitor working for them. With limited information our Heroes must venture to Wusterburg to meet a contact there for more information.

Scene 2: The 1st Wedding: Wildling attack

At a village sleepover near Rötenbach they are invited (most insistently) to attend a wedding, as Lords Blessings are a Good Omen. During the feast, the villagers try to match their eligible daughters with the strapping lads from Königsberg, before the wild ones attack.

Scene 3: The 2nd Wedding: Spy stuff

On the way to the Manor there is a trial going on. Bereft of options, a commoner claims Trial by Combat, and requests a Champion of the People. Helping him gains allies and enemies at the Wedding.

At the Manor: Find evidence of Bad Stuff. Learn of secret meeting at the Theatre

Scene 4: Trouble at the Theatre

The brand new Glove Theatre in Meissen presents “13th Knight” for its opening premiere, and Countess Liebewitz is there for the night. Of course our adventurers will spoil it all

2 Weddings and a play

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