2 weddings - part 1

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The Letter

Letter arrives with information, but is somewhat washed out due to improper handling and lousy weather. Letter describes a meeting with a handler:

Trusted friends,
Make haste to Wusterburg and find --- House of Negotiable Affections. Seek --- person with b--- hair, b--- eyes and a --- nose. --- will wear a red --- breast. Greet ----- "Do you know where I --- my lute strung at this --- of night?" and they will respond "--- --- a man --- --- thing --- want ---" to which you confirm with "--- would be lovely, thank you". It is vitally important --- discreet! --- suspect the enemy have eyes and ears in --- and suspicious. --- low profile. Counting on your discretion!
Yours, M. Wieterschmieter

The correct exchange is thus:
A: “Do you know where I can get my lute strung at this time of night?”
B: “There is a man here who do such things. Do you want to meet him?”
A: “Yes, that would be lovely, thank you”

The Brothel

In the brothel there are many rowdy men feasting, seated at tables an booths separated with canvas dividers and flowers. Sensual music plays, and lovely ladies attend the guests. There is a dance going on in front of the main fireplace, and new guests are immediately greeted by madam Wigberta, a curvy, flirty woman in her mid 30ies who will seat her guests and see them matched with wenches. She also puts a red rose in her guests lapels, to celebrate the marriage of the Barons* daughter to; Johan Rosenkrantz – the Lord of Roses, and a “friend to the establishment”

The brothel is full of men, most of which have black hair and brown eyes (some blue). Many wear red roses at their lapels, some also have red kerchiefs, jewellery or other red objects. As our heroes engage the other patrons, the working girls will get ever more insistent on seating them on their own and serving all their needs.

It turns out their contact is a Bretonnian girl, Plucille de Riere, whose attempts at getting the adventurers attention drowns in that of her competitors.

*Baron Manfred von Eigenhof is the ruler of the Mackensen Barony. His daughter is Margreta.

Dramatis Personea

The guests

  • Michael Schweinemacher – Black hair, Brown eyes, Big Nose, Rose in lapel. Fat and merry, drunk on ale and happy to talk. Knows nothing. “Whatcha man want with such a thing?".
  • Aldfreid Ossmann – Brown hair, Blue eyes, Crooked Nose. Red kerchief. Hostile. “What makes you think me a man who knows about such things? I think you may be wanting a severe beating, boy!”If the heroes bother him, he will happily fight.
  • Greimolt Waltherus – Black hair, Brown eyes, Red nose. Rose in lapel. Drunk on wine, very amorous. Bisexual and will latch onto any Hero who engages him. “Oh I just love music! Let’s find a man to fix it, and you can play a a thing or two for me? Do you want some wine?
  • Nicolai Kammendunner – Black hair, Brown eyes, beaky nose. Red vest. Not welcoming, but not hostile. “Music might be just what a man needs here, yes.” To the girl at his lap “I want to see you dance, honey!
  • Adolphus Merret – Blond hair, Blue eyes, broken nose. Red kerchief. “A man can get hurt asking things like that. I think you moght want your head examined!
  • Sander Kemp – Brown eyes, elegant nose, Rose in lapel. “Ah, a man after my taste! Music, wine, women! These are the things that make life worth living, wouldn’t you say? Want to sit for a while?

The girls

  • Rozhilda Hall – Black hair, Brown eyes, broken nose. Red blouse (translucent). “A Lute? I’m sure a big man like you have a better instrument for me to play on. I can do wonderful things with your little flute if you want!
  • Natassia Meermann – Blonde hair, Blue eyes, small nose. Red nipple pompoms. “Oh I’ll tune your lute, allright!
  • Rosalia Gerbermann – Brunette, Brown eyes, thin nose. Red roses painted on her breast. “You’re a naughty young man, aren’t you? You want to get a room and show me your ute?
  • Petronella Kuhlpeper – Blonde, Blue eyes, big nose. Big girl. Red corset, lots of curves all over. “_Are you going to play for me? I love a man with a sense for rythm! A good dancer is a good lover, and the things I could tell you about the horizontal dance! I want to dance with you!”
  • Plucille de Riere – Black hair, Brown eyes, pointed nose. Red shawl. “There is a man here who do such things. Do you want to meet him?


Plucille telles our Heroes that Lord Smegmar Snabelkese is up to no good, and is suspected to be working with the Bretonnians. Rumor has it that he is involved in a big conspirancy, but we’ve been unable to investigate closely as he is a paranoid nutter. But now, he is hosting a wedding for his son Rutger to Emelia von Kreutzhofen at his country mansion outside Rötenbach. As a noble family in the brides Barony, your presence at the wedding is plausible, and we have announced your arrival in anticipation of your acceptance of this vital mission. Proceed to the wedding, learn his secrets, and report back to me here.

2 weddings - part 1

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