2 weddings - part 2

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On the way to Lord Snabelkeses mansion, our Heroes stop for the night in a small village a days ride west of Rötenbach, just in time for a wedding feast. They arrive midday, and it is too far to continue for the mansion today. The Heroes are invited to share the feast, and bring their blessings on the happy couple, before it all goes wrong.

The Feast

Michahel Kunz, a local farmer, is marrying his son Wilhelm to a millers daughter, Esmeralda. It’s an arranged wedding, and not much love there. Esmeralda wants the big heroes and a Lords love, hoping for money and gifts. Wilhelm dreams of being a knight, and will hero-worship armed adventurer folks who look the part. During the feast, the villagers try to match their eligible daughters with the strapping lads from Königsberg.

The Fight

Bandits attack in the late evening, under cover of darkness and the noise from the party. They raid for money and finery, but will grab food and perhaps a woman or two just the same. The heroes are expected to protect the commoners.



  • A bandit runs of with Esmeralda
  • Bandits steal the cattle
  • Wilhelm charges to protect his family. Tales of Glory clouds his head. Michael will beg the Heroes to protect his son
  • Brunhilde fights attackers with a baking pin
  • Roof catches fire
  • Archer in the woods


WS S T Dodge Wounds Ap Initiative Damage
35 3 3 35 10 1 40 1d10 + 3

2 weddings - part 2

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