Big Trouble in little Meissen

A package arrives, from Peter (daddy). It contains a strange looking cog, with the letter r engraved on its hub. A hastily scribbled note is attached to it:

Dear Greger, I am in somewhat of a pickle, and have no time to explain. Guard the item enclosed with your life, and tell no-one of its existence!

So one day, a messenger arrives, with weird thingy (cog-device for crypto-machine), and note saying Guard with life! Imperial security depending on you!
messenger say Dad send him off with this, he just pub-boy, but old man scared and desperate. Said he’d lead them off… buy messenger boy time.
doesn’t know much more than that some mean Bretonnians were skulking bout da place
So they trek off to Big Town to find Daddy and save his life. Perhaps find reason why they need the Count to be present at some ceremony, so they HAVE to find him…
in town, the Bretons are waiting, and as soon as PCs start asking around, they leap into action
If the PCs capture any Breton spies, the spies have Manbane capsules. “you imperial scum will never take me alife!” (with outrageous french accent)


  • Bombing of the room (Bombs: Thrown, Range 4/20, Dmg 6, Shrapnel (som Blast, treffer alle innen 10m)
  • Eyes everywhere: Perception tests. Man on roof, man in alley. They are watched.
  • Brettonian Wines and Imports. Run by Jean-Jaque Gasgoane. Is he affiliated with the spies?

Greger is held by the Bretonnian Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE), who are concealed in a basement safehouse under the mansion of the Bretonnian ambassador. If our PCs try to spring him, they will arrive just in time to see the coach pull out.

Coach Chase:
The Bretonnians are transporting Greger and another high-value target back home, and will take the road to Karak Norn, then south to the springs or river Grismerie. If they get that far…

As the PCs arrive/chase after a spy, the coach pulls out. Other Coaches are nearby, and the PCs can commandeer one or try to grab horses. The Bretonnians are in a large post-and-six, built to withstand attacks. On the drivers bench are Guy (our mad bomber) and Jean-Claude the driver. Inside are Peter and Lord Finchenstchtein. Who?


Ambassador Piet Pierre Remi Vigouroux and his wife Marie Vigouroux. Both are involved with Bretonnias intelligence operations, but are not directly handling the current issue.
Bretonnia imports silver, produce. Exports luxeries.
Ambassador = Remi fra Allo Allo, Marie som kona.

Mr. Planchard – spymaster. Older gentleman, ala poirot. Immaculate mustache. Claims to be an advisor to the Ambassador, but is really the spymaster in Wissenland for Bretonnia. Interests involve trade mostly, but also military info. Firearms tech, capabilities, etc.

Mr. Bottechelli – Tilean Ambassador. Tilea buys Silver, firearms, exports arts, fineries. Knows nothing of the situation, but does illicit trade in narcotics with Friedrich “Big Hair”
Marx (crime lord). Suspects Remi is involved with more than official affairs.
Bottechelli = Pavarotti.

Baron Konrad von Rundstedt, cousin of the Grand Countess and her able seneschal. Lives in Castle Rundstedt (on a hilltop roughly one mile to the southwest from and overlooking Meissen). Wissenlander, takes his duty to protect silver trade seriously. No official authority in Meissen town, but welcome guest.

Esmeralda Grauen – (Lady Bucket)
Siegfried Knackarsch – (Prince from Blackadder)
Leopold Verschwender – (Lord Littlefinger)

Big Trouble in little Meissen

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