2 weddings - part 3

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A few hours before the mansion, there is a small village where the Heroes arrive just in time to get involved in trouble. Bereft of options, a commoner claims Trial by Combat, and requests a Champion of the People. Helping him gains allies and enemies at the Wedding.

Trial By Combat

Salomon Findusmacher, a local butcher who supplies Lord Snabelkese is accused of mixing horse meat in his beef. He claims he was set up by his rival Rambrecht Diesdorfer who wants the market to himself. He was unable to prove his innocence and believes the judge (Nicklas Brau, a minor freiherr in the service of Snabelkese) has been paid off. The sentence for his crimes will be catastrophic, the seizure of all his land and possessions. Bereft of options, a commoner claims Trial by Combat, and requests a Champion of the People. Just then our Heroes come by…

The accuser fields his “Champion”: Gotrik Gross, a large, scarred man wearing chain and wielding a zweihander.

WS S T Dodge Wounds Ap Initiative Damage
55 4 4 45 16 3 50 1d10 + 5, Impact, Slow

If Salomon is acquitted, the Heroes will have friends amongst the servants and commoners at the feast, but Nicklas (the judge) and his allies will be displeased.

A Party Like no Other

Feast and merryment

Dramatis personae

  • Lord Smegmar Snabelkese – Father of the Groom
  • Lady Henrietta – His wife
  • Rutger Snabelkese – The Groom
  • Emelia von Kreutzhofen – The Bride
  • Franz von Kreiutzhofen – Father of the bride
  • Öbermann von Eigenhof is the (very) bored representative of Baron Mackensen. A young man of 19, he dislikes being so far from his home in Wusterburg
  • Waltzen von Eckhardt – Representing “Countess” Etelka and Count Bruno Pfeifraucher (v unusual for high-ups to involve in such a lowly wedding)
  • Gozwinus Immelshelder – Devout Sigmarite. Wants to bring the righteous faith to the Ell Valley.
  • Jocop Nagenhoffer – Confused by the low-borns representing the high-ups?
  • Grunhilda Essen
  • Reikhilda Herzog
  • Nicklas Brau, Freiherr and servant of Snabelkese. Judge, Mageister and merchant. (See Part 1). Friend of Athren Wegener
  • Athren Wegener – foppish duelist, looking for a score. Will be antagonistic towards Champion of the People.


A duel! For an insult real or imagined! Perhaps a Fop provokes a swordsman to a pistol-duel?

Religious Debate: Was the wedding ceremony pious enough? What about the neighbours?

A drinking contest!

A tour of the stables. See the falcons!

A lovers quarrel. An affair with the bride or groom?

Someone recognises them from Meissen


Learn of dastardly plot to assassinate Grand Countess von Liebewitz at the theatre’s opening premiere, in just 5 days! If you ride now and ride hard, you just might make it in time!

2 weddings - part 3

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