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The Cast

The dynasty of Von Eckhardts is headed by Berggraf Peter von Eckhardt and his wife Ulrikke Von Eckhardt. His oldest son Greger is currently acting as head of the homestead, helped by his younger brother Waltzen.

Other Crew:
Dieter Geltrassen
Nikolaus “Niko” Langshankse
Magnus Traumenkopf
Helmut Schlechtarsch

The Set

In the far south of Wissenland we find the small settlement of Königsberg where the Von Eckhardt dynasty are struggling to restore their fame and fortune.

The Plot

The Von Eckhards have been forced to accept a shitty deal, and have traded all their worldy posessions and holdings for the deeds to Königsberg, an abandoned settlement with a flooded silver mine. While struggling to rebuild the settlement and fight off Gobilns and worse, they have to make a plan to get the mine dry and operational while making peace and treaties with neighbouring Dwarves (who resent their digging in the mountains), Elves (who resent their intrusion in the forests), inbred-werewolves, inbred villagers, bandits and deal with the odd treasure-hunt or heroic rescue mission.

Quests and Misadventures

Big Trouble in little Meissen
2 Weddings and a play

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